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A Day Of Rest

Posted by Daniel on Sunday, November 19, 2006

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Good morning, lovies…

It is morning, right? Sheesh. For me it feels like I just went to be. Oh, wait…I did…less than four hours ago.

Man I’m glad today’s Sunday. This is my usual day of plopping on the sofa and channel surfing. Or, as Steve would call it, “Every Day”.

I cannot even begin to describe to you the utter depths of my exaustion.

Aaww…what the hell. I’ll give it a shot…now that I’m awake.

Sort of.

You ever have one of those kinda nights when you’re yucking it up with someone through IM and the time just flies by. You’ve both had some laughs and passed some great gossip (I’m not one for that, so you didn’t hear that from me), shared some secrets, reasearched some CSS/HTML codes, and talked about good books and movies?

Wait. Was I “IM-ing” someone or was I just on Oprah? I want my new car, Oprah!!!

By the time you both decide it’s late and you say your “good night’s”, one of you might as well be making waffles while the other pours coffee. Cause, helllooo, it’s now 5:40 AM.

We started that conversation last night at around 9:00 PM…you do the math.

Now bear in mind my fingers were flying last night. First we dispense with the catching up part, “How have you been doing?” “Great, darlin’ (me talking), how have you been?”

Then the IM goes kaput. We were on MSN. (figures, that piece of shit) So we switch over to Yahoo IM and continue with our code work. An hour later, Yahoo goes down. Fucking Saturday nigh and all the people IMing and chewing up all the band width!! Don’t these people ever just go out anymore??

Moving on then. We decided to go to MySpace IM. Surely we’ll have better luck there. Well, the funny thing is, MySpace IM doesn’t play nice with Linux, which is the OS my PC operates on. The gods of computer geekdom are conspiring against me.

“650” – my chat companion who wishes to remain anonymous – was adamant about me getting on to MySpace IM ASAP. After all, there was so much more to talk about. So, grudgingly, I fired up the laptop (which does operate on Windows), found my MySpace IM, and after what seemed an eternity of trying to find “650”‘s user name, we were finally off and running. For another six hours.

Where was I going with this? Um…shit, I dunno. I’m tired. And I need to stay awake because the Chiefs game is starting in 30 minutes. Then after that, Steve and I have errands to run. After that…NAP TIME.

Wait, wasn’t this supposed to be a day of rest?? WTF??


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