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New Site…

Posted by Daniel on Saturday, November 25, 2006

The TempestThat’s right…The Tempest has grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple of months. Much faster than I thought it would. It’s a pleasant surprise, nonetheless.

Our I.S. department (Kathy) and I.T. department (Ray) have been working their respective asses off in order to make our new cyber-home something you’ll really love. A lot of planning, brainstorming and, quite frankly, fan-fucking-tastic artwork are going into this project.

For now, the teaser is here. It’s just a temporary “front door”…for now…




Front door stationary image 32003.



2 Responses to “New Site…”

  1. Joshua said

    Be sure to let me know by way of comment or email when it’s official as my feelings will be hurt if I can’t be one of the first to comment on your site 😛 Hope you had a good turkey day!

  2. Hey there, you will certainly be among the first to have a peek at the new digs. I will, of course, be expecting honest (be gentle with me) opinions. 🙂

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