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In-Human-itarian Award

Posted by Daniel on Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Prepare yourselves. Awards’ Season is fast-approaching. That time just after the new year where those who do – and do not – deserve the medals and trophies swish and saunter across the red carpet like royalty.

“Who are you wearing?” Don’t ask…you can’t afford it.

“How do you feel after your umteenth divorce from what’s-her-name?”

“Are you confident you’ll win tonight, or is just being nominated enough for you?”

I’ve tuned these awards shows out, pretty much. I’ll admit, when I was much younger, I used to watch them religiously…and video tape them if I couldn’t.

I’m so glad I’ve grown up. Now I watch presentations of the Nobel Prizes. Prizes that not only have meaning in the world, but that make a difference.

My point here is that ex-Presidents have been on the receiving end of the Nobel Prize…most recently for Peace. Jimmy Carter, for one. I truly believe that Bill Clinton is well on his way to garnering that same award for his work on the Clinton Global Initiative.

I’ll get back to the awards theme momentarily…

With that in mind, I was watching the news yesterday and it was, of course, about Bush. He’s traveling, again, seeking audience with the failed Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Maliki, in Jordan. Apparently Iraq is just too dangerous for them to discuss the non-Civil War.

The news is all about Bush and everything his reverse-Midas Touch (everything he touches turns to shit) affects.

Then something pricks up my ears. There is a fundraiser begun that is set to drum up $500 million for the future ex-President Bushs’ presidential library. Not only that, but also to fund Bushs’ Think Tank.

I could fill you in on all the details of both the future library and think tank here on this post, but there are plenty of other sites you can go to for the gory details who are far more in-the-know. Here are a few to get you started…Think ProgressThe Huffington PostDaily Kos…etc.

Although, I will submit a couple of images of what I picture as Bush’s Think Tank & Library… image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

What I’d actually like to focus on here is Bushs’ humanitarianism…or lack thereof. It also brings me back to the awards season.

It occurred to me last night while Steve and I were watching Olbermann that of all the accomplishments Bush, his true followers (both of them) and the Bush Library/Think Tank “mega-donors” claim…Bush as humanitarian isn’t one of them.

His mega-failure in the wake of Katrina is the obvious example, but there are far more.

For those of you who are not too young to remember, I harken you back to the days Reagan was President. During the first eight years of the AIDS pandemic. Reagan and his administration refused to acknowledge or even say the word, much less act on it.

Our current President has neglected to acknowledge the plight of those suffering. Darfur. Indonesia (for the most part). Katrina (saying the word isn’t an accomplishment). Worldwide genocide, famine and suffering seem to be a topic this President either refuses to or simply can’t be bothered with. It seems more important for Bush to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to create a shrine to “My Pet Goat” and a “Thunk Tank” than to use such funding to help those in true need.

Oil and money have trumped food, shelter, medicine and protection from mass murder.

FUIt’s time to acknowledge Bush with his first award. We at The Tempest have created a medal of dis-honor that, we hope, will be proudly displayed in the new Presidential Library.

We thought long and hard on the design of this medal, because we wanted it to symbolize all that the deserving recipients stand for. We had to keep it simple, or risk the recipients not understanding it’s meaning.

When it comes to humanitarianism, we have these words for you, Mr. Bush, as we slip this well-deserved medal over your head…

“Georgie…you’ve done a heckuva job.”


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