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If I Had a Hammer…

Posted by KatB on Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tom Delay is once again trying to position himself as the savior of the conservative cause and he’s found a new and unique way to do it. Tom discovered a cutting edge method of reaching his flock that only recently came to his attention. He started a blog.

In all honesty, I did not fully realize the impact or potential of the blogosphere until very recently, when RedState gave me the opportunity to post some of my observations in the wake of the recent midterm elections. – Tom Delay 2006

Seems Tom spent a bit too much time playing golf and raising campaign contributions to notice a little thing like the internet. Now that he’s arrived, though, he plans to make an impact: is the product of our latest effort to find new ways to connect, unite and organize conservatives from all over America into a real grassroots political force.

In fact, you can become an elite activist by applying to be a part of Tom Delay’s grassroots network called G.A.I.N., this acronym was chosen presumably because they could not figure out appropriate words to use M.O.N.E.Y. for their moniker. His group feels the conservative cause needs to be united because:

We have a responsibility to our God, our families, our Nation and ourselves to take action to protect our freedoms and those of our fellow human beings.  Its fine for all of us to enjoy the blessings of liberty but we all must share the responsibility to cherish and protect those blessings too.


Our liberal opponents would have Americans believe that they are becoming more conservative; that they are moderating their radical agenda so that they can claim to be the final arbiters of “mainstream” political thought. 

mosesdelay.jpgYes, conservatives need to unite against the liberals that are becoming too conservative. He claims his blog will serve to foster discussion and debate, however only if you agree with him. was launched on Sunday, December 10th. It was instantly met with eager participation. However, it was apparently not the kind of participation the Delay camp was looking for because after about an hour they pulled it down and deleted all the comments they did not like. The new sanitized for his protection blog was re-launched on Monday December 11th, however you can still see what initially happened at james j. riser’s blog.

Tom doesn’t write his blog, he can’t even type. He’s an idea man; he gets others to do the actual writing. We, at the Tempest, have managed to obtain just a few of his ideas for upcoming posts:

    You Say Bully Like it’s a Bad Thing
    Redistricting For Dummies
    Nancy Pelosi Is Gay and Other Secrets From Inside the Beltway
    Understanding Situational Ethics
    How to Finance a Successful PAC
    See the World on a Congressional Salary
    Don’t Play By the Rules, Change Them

Expect old Tom to be around for many months to come after all, he can still come up with new ideas while he’s in prison. He might even have time to learn to type.

You can read more about Tom Delay’s hijinks here.


One Response to “If I Had a Hammer…”

  1. another upcoming Delay Post: “Hitting Below The Beltway”

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