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For the Boys

Posted by revelkc on Wednesday, January 3, 2007

In four days, I will turn 45. Well, to be precise, three days, 16 hours, and 10 minutes, but who (besides me) is counting? Birthdays are a time like Christmas and New Years when we reflect on changes of the last year and look forward to more changes from brand new Baby New Year. Fortunately for me, with the third part of My Holiday Trifecta coming so soon after New Years, I can replay that reflection without having to start all over.
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(Revel and KatB..the Early Years….)

Depending on the weather (after all, this is Missouri in January…ANYTHING can happen) and people’s plans, we sometimes do something special to mark the day, and sometimes it’s a quiet evening at home. I enjoy the celebrations and time with family and friends is always welcome, just as long as I make time for my personal traditions. These include:
1. Not being at work. (Check, it’s a Sunday this year.)
2. Play Kirsty MacColl’s “SoHo Square” (“Just kiss me quick, cuz it’s my birthday”…never fails to bring a wistful tear to my eye, especially since we lost her way too soon)
3. Eat something chocolate. (Ok, that’s a near everyday occurence, but there are worse things…)

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(Check out the coke bottle glasses in my senior picture! LOL)

In recent years, I have added a new tradition, which keeps things in perspective for me. After all, it’s a slippery slope (especially for gay men) to slide down into “age panic”. We are still a culture (and this is not just gay people either) that worships youth and all things young and vibrant. So, while I have many things to focus on that bolster my self worth, (primarily a man who loves me unconditionally, old, young, fat, thin, and everything in between and the best friends and family anyone could hope for), my favorite thing to hold that perspective is to honor those I have lost along the way, mostly to HIV/AIDS. I feel a responsibility to be thankful for the years I have been given that so many I knew and didn’t know were not given.

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So for Cameron, for Teddy, for Curtis, Bobby, and Larry, and all the boys…this birthday is for you.


One Response to “For the Boys”

  1. revelkc said

    And all I want for my b-day is a CHIEFS VICTORY OVER THE COLTS!!! GO CHIEFS!!! 🙂

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