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Genetic Mutation…Or Population Control?

Posted by Daniel on Saturday, January 6, 2007

Very recently, I had, what turned out ot be, a very deep conversation with a friend of mine in Zurich.  She’s a funny gal, about 58 years old who’s recently widowed and we were talking about her son, Helmudt.  I never got to meet Helmudt, but she painted a very full and vibrant picture if him (verbally) for me.

Helmudt passed away a few years ago and Alma was thinking about him a lot during the holidays, as she always does.

Alma’s son was gay and committed suicide.  Because he was gay.  He’d finally come to terms with that fact after having been married a few years.

Anyway, she and I talk about a great many things and this conversation was very new to me…considering the topic.  She asked me what I thought the reason was that God made some people gay.  Now, she is fully aware of my status as a person who doesn’t subscribe to religion, but we both respect one another’s views nonetheless.  I think deep down, she actually thought I might have some kind of logical and definitive answer.

So, here’s what I said to her…

“I think there is, in fact, a reason homosexuals came into being.  The problem with many religious zealots and others who see us as sick, perverted, immoral and unnatural is that they can’t see the forest for the trees.  They only tend to focus on the human homosexual.

It is a clear and proven fact that most species have, to one degree or another, members who either never mate, pair up male-to-male and female-to-female.  Yet they all seem to have, at their core, a very nurturing and parental aptitude.

Some very recent examples of this so-called anomaly are penguins, deer, geese, pidgeons, horses, and others.  Every once in a while, you’ll even catch such a story on the news…usually under the heading, “Oddity of Nature”.

In my opinion, the homosexuals of all species weren’t a genetic anomaly at all.  It seems to me that nature somehow decided it was prudent to create a form of population control for each species.   Predators tend to be very good at “thinning the herd”, as it were.  But there have even been documented cases of lions (two males) pairing up for most of their lives and never breeding.  Some would argue that I’m mischaracterizing  or misinterpreting the pairing, but this is yet another case of being blinded by either religious dogma or simply seeing the world through closed eyes.

There is still, to this very day, no conclusive – or even speculative, for that matter – proof that homosexuality is anything more or less than nature’s birth control.  That might sound a bit trite to some, but as a realist, I tend to believe more in science than what people tell me that God said.

When I hear the preaching – and believe me when I say that I most certainly do – I am polite enough to allow the speaker to finish making his/her point (or try to) before I step in with my opinion.  I do, however, take umbridge with their points if it is merely a tirade of biblical quotes.  Just because someone wrote a thing down, that doesn’t necessarily make that thing true.

Show me on paper (not the parchment type, either) where it states for a fact that gays have no place in the natural order.  Prove to me that we are not part of the sum of the grand scheme of things.  You’ll have to excuse me for not falling to my knees and begging forgiveness from people who live only to point out the differences in others and why they should allow religion to change me .  To cure me.  Or in some cases…exterminate people like me.

It truly makes far more sense to simply say that we were put on this Earth to (inwittingly) help with population control rather than say we’re here “to be changed”.

And that’s the bottom line with me…I won’t change because that would be going against nature.  I’d like to think that Gaia and I are pretty tight friends.  I see her point in creating me and I know my place with her.  She’s the Earth.  She’s nature.  She made me who and what I am and I have no intentions of letting her down by caving in to the religious hatred of others.

I am very proud of being what I was meant to be.  I am no more or less important than anyone else on the entire planet.  Nor do I think anyone else is.

I simply wish I could get that same respect from those who convinced Helmudt that he was a freak, an immoral person and in need of a cure.  Those very same people who, in his very weak-minded state, convinced him that suicide was the only other alternative.”

No, Alma, I don’t think your son was sick…any more than you do and I know you never did.  Helmudt was simply confused, scared and misguided by those whom he turned to in his time of spiritual need, only to have been verbally handed a rope.

If there is a genetic mutation at work here on this planet, it’s hate….wrapped in intolerance…and covered in ignorance.  All nicely packaged in the best-selling book of all time.


3 Responses to “Genetic Mutation…Or Population Control?”

  1. Bruce said

    Very interesting post. I certainly sympathize with your desire to explain homosexuality as a natural condition (Any gay man who has been in love with another man, and has been loved in return, has no doubt as to the naturalness and “rightness” of his condition. But this is, of course, an emotional, and not a rational explanation.) I do, however, have doubts as to the function of homosexuality as nature’s population control mechanism.

    It is a generally accepted thesis that we all are, to one degree or another, attracted to both sexes. The question as to whether one defines himself as, and acts as, a homo- or a heterosexual depends upon the degree to which that type of attraction is active within him. The thesis continues to posit that since sexuality is an essential part of all human relationships, it is still a part of the relationship even in our relationships to the sex to which we are not primarily attracted. It posits that without a certain amout of sexual attraction, affection or even friendly relationships to people to which we are not overtly sexually attracted would be impossible.

    This thesis seems to be borne out by vague feelings of sexual attraction that most gay men can admit to having had at least once in their lives towards a woman. Most lesbians have had some attraction to a man, and many have actually had heterosexual contact.It is necessary also for male bonding among straight men, and its surpressed version is generally credited with causing homosexual panic and even homophobia in essentially straight men. Also, when straight men are deprived of a heterosexual outlet, many have no problem in opting for a homosexual alternative (prisons, puritanical societies that allow no contact between sexes before marriage).

    This, of course, doesn’t answer the question as to why some people are gay and some are straight. But does one really need an anthropological explanation?

    Why, for example are people still sexually active not only past the age of female fertility but also past the age in which their offspring would need the protection of parents? (Your friend in Zürich seems never to have posited the question as to why she may have been still attracted to her husband long after menopause and even after her son no longer needed their physical protection.) Obviously, this sexual attraction that exists frequently overtly, but always subliminally,in geriatrics serves simply to keep people together.

    I would, Tempest, go even further, suggesting that the need for a procreative ( or even population control) explanation of sexuality is a manifestation of general discomfort with sexuality. Why must we justify it any further than accepting it as a natural mechanism allowing us, even commanding us to love each other?

  2. My apologies to Bruce and everyone else who’ve read this post. I neglected to mention that the contents of this post were merely one version/explanation that I float around in my head. I was in no way trying to refute whatever research has (or hasn’t) been done on this subject. In point of fact, I was merely trying to avoid using the “cold, hard facts” (like those above) on Alma during such an emotionally-charged time. I was speaking personally to a friend who, on more than her share of occasions, has done the same for me. While I’m sure you’re possibly right on the money on this topic – and who can be sure, right – isn’t it just possible there could be SOME other possibilities out there? Personally, while what you called my “thesis” may seem too childish, inane and WAY OFF THE MARK for your taste, I happen to think that somewhere in my screwed up logic that it makes just as much sense. For Alma and I at that particular moment, my opinion made perfect sense at the perfect time.

  3. UCSBhoney said

    I stumbled upon your post while searching the internet using the keyword “homosexuality” and the keyphrase “population control”. I found your article very insightful and wondered it this topic had ever been thoroughly researched, or promoted to various anti-homosexuality religions. I understand from your post that you do not subscribe to a certain religion. I was raised in a Christian home, but not an evangelical one. Though we had faith in God, we weren’t what some might today call disciples. But that’s not the point. I have been shocked by various organizations and people who spew anti-gay mantra yet call themselves devout Christians, the same Christians who drove your friend Helmudt to his own demise. I began to think about the issue of God’s greater plan, and somehow stumbled upon homosexuality as population control. I have a lot more to say on the subject, but I haven’t really thought it out quite yet. What I really wanted to impress upon you here is how your short essay has helped guide me toward what I’m really looking for in terms of research topics and facts. So thank you.

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