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Feeling Yucky

Posted by Daniel on Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Just in time for the coldest arctic blast to come through Kansas City in a LONG time, I get sick.

Sorry for the short one, but this little camper is going to bed.  

With any luck, I’ll sleep right through this crappy weather.  Oh, yeah…and snow tomorrow.


Wake me when it’s Spring!!


4 Responses to “Feeling Yucky”

  1. Scott said

    Get well soon honey!

  2. Smiley said

    Seems a lot are in your state – not that that should make you feel any better! Hope you’re well, soon!

  3. atari_age said

    You could almost do an epidemiology survey by scouring the blogosphere and seeing how many people say “I’m sick” and when. I mean, it’s quite possible you got what I had last week. Thanks to air travel, I may have indirectly given you a cold.

    So… sorry. 🙂

    Feel better!

  4. Atari (S)…I’ll be sending you a “Thank You” card for the wonderful “indirectly-given” gift.

    Though, to be honest, I can’t imagine a more precious “gift-giver”. 🙂

    Smiley: You’re so wonderful. I’m thankful for you.

    Scott: I miss you. Looking forward to seeing you…okay, and Ray…again SOON!!

    Thanks, guys…


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