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Home Selling – 101

Posted by Daniel on Saturday, February 3, 2007

Had some questions recently from a couple who read this blog and were wondering if we had any advice on selling a home. I told them I would answer their inquiry here, as it’s easier to illustrate the finer points on a blog than it is in an email.


So for Carl and Pam, here’ how we see it:



Your House As Seen By:






Your Buyer…





Your Lender…





Your Appraiser…





Your Tax Assessor…



We wish you two all the best in this adventurous rollercoaster you are climbing into.  Please remember to keep your hands and arms in the vehicle at all times.  You’re in for a very bumpy ride.



5 Responses to “Home Selling – 101”

  1. revelkc said

    I would add that it’s a good idea to read, read, and read some more on home buyer/seller websites. Ask around your neighborhood, has anyone sold a home recently there, and what were their experiences?

    Like Tempest said, we have never sold a home, but I would imagine (on a larger scale) it’s like selling anything else, be it a car or items at a garage sale. There’s what you think it’s worth, what it’s really worth, and what the person (or market, in the case of a house) thinks it’s worth. Somewhere in those figures is likely what you should be asking for it. From our next door neighbors’ experience-who are STILL trying to sell there (very nice) house, most of prepared to HAVE PATIENCE.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

  2. Smiley said

    bwahahahahahah too funny!

  3. Scotty said

    How true that is!

  4. Pete said

    How true it is.

  5. Rob said

    What’s that old saying…a picture is worth a thousand words. Too funny and too damn true! Thanks for giving me a good laugh when I really needed one. I just wish this weren’t so often the case for so many people. Geez…don’t ya just love life sometimes…ahhhhh. Hehe Love ya buddy.

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