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It’s At A Very Exciting Stage…

Posted by Daniel on Sunday, February 18, 2007

Okay…to answer the emails…yes, I’ve been a tad on the skimpy side with posts of late. Not that I’m becoming over the blogging thing, nor have I actually run out of things to bitch about. (seriously, ask anyone I know…I can – and will – bitch about anything)

There are currently two very large projects underway here that are, to put it mildly, MASSIVE.

Painter Man Steve

First off, there’s the complete re-do of the main level of the the house. (yes, Gracie, there will be another installment of “Caution: Gay Construction Ahead…”. So keep your pantaloons on.) Steve actually spent the entire day today painting the Great Room. I, true to form, have played Little Thithter Thupervithor. I’d go downstairs on occasion and say, “That looks fabulous!!”

After the Great room, we start on the Dining Room. After that, the foyer. The kitchen will be done later.

This project, in itself, has been underway since mid-January and will be completed by the beginning of May.

Hardly At Work

Working her t**s off!!

The other massive project is the building of the new and improved home of The Tempest. Steve’s sister Kathy (one of the contributors here) and I have been hard at work building the new diggs from ground up. Our own domain…all the bells and whistles…something for everyone.

Today, the Preloader has had some nice intro music added to it (created by me on some really cool software…very hot stuff). When I saw the images and heard the intro…my nipples almost knocked the monitor off the desk. Seriously, it was that good.

To be fair, though, Kathy is doing 99.9% of the actual work on this project, as it is one of her assignments for her web-building class at school. I’m just the one she bounces the ideas off and I get to make any input I please. Fortunately, she lives 18 miles north of here, so she can’t just smack me when I get too pissy about things. 😉

Are we seeing a pattern developing here? I’m like one of those people I usually bitch about. Just full of ideas and suggestions…totally worthless at the actual work part of it. I’m actually not that bad, really. The above projects just seem to have the best available people for their respective tasks.

Steve is a much better painter than I am, hands down. And Kathy knows more about what she’s doing than I because she’s smarter and I’m supposed to say that. There were, in fact, several points today where I nagged Steve so much it was all he could do not to smack me across the head with a loaded paintbrush. Fortunately, I can run like a gazelle. Well, in my head I can. In real life I tend to just fall down and play dead a lot.

So, yes, I will get off my lazy ass and get back to work here on the blog.

There…happy now?


One Response to “It’s At A Very Exciting Stage…”

  1. revelkc said

    He asked me to do a post–I told him I had housework to do. He said, “While your doing that, could you paint the great room?”.

    Next time I’ll just write the post…;-) It’s far less of chore, at least to write it…lol

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