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The Art Of “I Misspoke”

Posted by Daniel on Friday, March 2, 2007 day, another politician misspeaks.

Yesterday, not one but two candidates for President let “slip” that the deaths of Americans in Iraq were “wasted”.

First, Senator Obama (D-IL) and then later Senator McCain (R-AZ). Both later corrected themselves by saying they misspoke and didn’t mean to imply such a thing.

I don’t buy this correction from either of them for one single second. And why are they thinking any of us should fall for such lame attempts at appeasing those who bitch about such statements.

There isn’t a sane politician out there who doesn’t think the lives lost, including American, Iraqi and all others, wasn’t wasted due to the insane retaliatory war started by King George The Idiot!! Everyone know’s it all boils down to the fact that thousands of human lives have been WASTED because the numbnuts currently squatting in the Whitehouse wanted a reason to go after Saddam for attempting to have Bush Sr. assassinated.

There are facts to face here about the lives lost because of Bush and , in a perfect world, George W. Bush would be tried for Crimes Against Humanity.

I am saddened by the loss or injury of each and every soldier and civilian in this fake “war”. I also – and especially – remember seeing the videos of those poor victims of the televised beheadings. Those are video images that will stick with me forever.

I know what you’re thinking…”Why on EARTH would you want to watch those videos??” I didn’t want to watch them. I am not a fan of seeing such things..not even in the movies. But I forced myself to watch them.

This war rests not only on the shoulders of this administration, but on each and every American. We own it, thanks to Bush. And, in some ways, we also bear the blame for the needless deaths. Those who voted to re-elect Bush in 2004 even after the “Beheadings For Bush” tragedy…and those of us who didn’t vote for him and didn’t fight hard enough to unseat him.

So yes, I watched those horrible videos. To remind me of my shame. My appathy. My regrets. Bush is still in office, the killings continue and, as an aAmerican, I share in the guilt and shame of those two realities.

My question to McCain and Obama would be, “Why haven’t either of you watched those videos…and if you have, how could you possibly retract your statements about the wasted lives in Iraq?” They were wasted!!!! Wasted by the very voters you are now trying to cozy up to!!

Every single day, soldiers die in Iraq. Civilians and contractors, too. From volunteers to State Officials…death has visited itself upon far too many. All because this country was too collectively closed-minded and stupid to put an end to all of this back in 2004 when we had the chance.

And we walk around daily muttering, “Im just one person. What difference could I make…hell, let those who live to be on a soapbox make all the waves. Better them than me.”

That is your shame…your guilt…your regret.

Now the politicians running for whatever office are doing their part in making honesty a thing of the past. You just KNOW they truly feel this war and the lives lost in/due to it were, in fact, wasted. But now, because they are running for higher office, they feel the need to bury their sense of honesty, common sense and decency for the sake of snatching more votes from the radical religious zealots.  Being radical, religious OR a zealot doesn’t make you more American, patriotic OR electable.

I wouldn’t vote for either of these two candidates…or any others who all but apologize for saying out loud what they truly believe in their hearts, and then claim to have misspokken just because some would try to politicize such a statement.

Don’t be ashamed by saying what you know to be true, people. There is plenty of shame to be felt, and that’s for the unspoken words.


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