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Ann Coulter – Giving Transexuals Everywhere A Bad Name

Posted by Daniel on Saturday, March 3, 2007

This is a “co-post” from both Daniel (The Tempest) and Steve (Revel):

From The Tempest…


Okay…is there ANYONE out there who thinks Ann Coulter doesn’t deserve a good old fashioned public caning?? yet another public showing of that compassionate conservative love thy neighbor moral high ground, Coulter has, yet again, taken her head out of her ass long enough to stick her foot in her mouth.

Her constant show of hatred and bigotry seem to know no bounds. And she’s done it again. At the annual Conservative Political Action Committee (C-PAC), this vile and disturbing bigot once again decided to reach into her “fag-bag” and call Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards a “faggot”. This then drew “Ooohs”, “Aaahs” and then applause from the audience.

The big question now looming over the GOP is, will the Republican candidates for prestident denounce Coulter’s ugly slur of Edwards? I think we all know the answer. They will do everything they possibly can to dance around and away from this issue. They will, at least for the next week or so, be pelted by this question from the news media at every opportunity…and will have, at best, “No comment.”


See the 34 second video here:


From Steve…


I have now seen the blurb on You-Tube of you addressing C-PAC, an obviously receptive crowd to your particular brand of rhetorical ballyhoo. That the crowd was receptive to you is not surprising, being who they are. That you chose to use a hateful epithet for homosexuals is not surprising either, it seems to be your default setting when talking about ANYONE progressive. And as ludicrous as that use was, I will also not dignify it with any more time or attention than it has already received. As I am writing this, I am sure my partner is addressing it with aplomb and finesse. Two words to which you are a total stranger.

What I will tell you, Ann, is something that at least in public you are not considering, and which is important to you personally. You see, society WILL progress. We as people are evolving every day. Do you ever read Deepak Chopra? Likely not, as you probably consider him one of the same type as John Edwards. (Is anyone with any vision an anathema to you?) He makes a wonderful point in “Life After Death” which says, and I am paraphrasing if he will forgive me, that we are not the same people we were five years ago, one month ago, or even yesterday. Each and every person who has any kind of vitality at all is a growing and changing entity, learning from their experiences and from the experiences of those around them. It is an necessary part of growing as a person.

But if you shut yourself off from those things, much like a plant shut off from light, water, and food, you cease to grow. You wither, and die prematurely. This is what resisting personal growth will do. No one can force any organism to take sustenance, but if it doesn’t, it is doomed.

You’re doomed Ann, and those who absorb your hate-speech are as well. Because society will grow and change and keep improving itself, even as you rail away spewing evil names and scratching and clawing to keep the status quo.

No one knows how fast it will happen, but there are enough of us intent on personal and societal growth that it will happen. And know this too–history will not look at you kindly, if at all. You’re fairly young now, but you won’t always be. In ten, twenty, or thirty years, when we’ve further surpassed ignorant stagnation, you’ll become a sad, sordid reminder of that bygone ignorance.

If you insist on staying as you are, make sure you have plenty of your own history around you too keep you company. As the walls close in, maybe that will make your impending irrelevance that much easier to swallow.


5 Responses to “Ann Coulter – Giving Transexuals Everywhere A Bad Name”

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  2. I find it very interesting that while Coulter’s comments were slightly rude, Bill Maher’s implication that the vice president’s assassination would be a good thing goes completely untouched. Hate speech is hate speech, plain and simple. Why hold different standards for Coulter, who made a snide comment about someone’s sexuality, that is so obviously false, in part due to the fact that the man is married. I guess that doesn’t mean much these days, it seems like a lot of “married” men are getting poked, a quick visit to Craig’s List will show that. I digress, the point is that Coulter’s comment was a bad, however, a little funny, but bad all together. Yet, the idea of expressing the opinion that the assassination of a person, regardless of who they are, would be a good thing, is tasteless all together. Why then do liberals such as yourself, and many others out here, call Coulter out, but let your own get away with murder, literally? And if you want to be completely fair about it, Coulter, later in the Q & A session, spoke favorably towards homosexuals and their rights that due them. Why was all of that ignored?

  3. Daniel said

    Dear Captain Cox…
    Seems we meet again, and apparently under very similar circumstances.

    In answer to your question, I personally, do not care what “praise” that wretch of a woman supposedly gives to homosexuals on the side. It seems to me that if she holds gays in such supposed high regard, her “faggot” and “fag” remarks are that much more venomous. You say that her comment was “slightly rude”…wrong. It was offensive. It was appauling. It was HATE SPEECH. Besides, if she’s so on the side of gays, why doesn’t she use that podium at the C-PAC gathering to say, “Gays deserve the right to marry, just as much as the rest of us.”? Because her Q&A session afterwards was just more of the same doubletalk and lies as are in her books and speeches.

    People like you can sugar-coat words like hers – or any other Right-wing bigot – but nothing you say is going to change my mind on people like her…or her kool aid-drinking fans. Hate is hate. And it doesn’t take a closet case to know that she says things like that to rile up not only the target of her hate speeches, but also the gay community as well. You should be ashamed of yourself for seeing words like hers as “slightly rude” and ” a little funny”.

    It’s also, in my humble opinion, a childish defense to throw comments made by someone you despise (Bill Maher) into this discussion. Mostly because I have NEVER heard him utter those words, but also because it’s an infantile evasion of the topic at hand…COULTER!!!

    My posts (and get it through your head…they are MY posts, my opinion and MY platform) are not intended to defend the honor of Edwards or any other of Coulters’ targets. Let him do that himself. My posts are MY way of standing up against the very USE of those kinds of vulgar euphamisms…no matter WHAT way they were meant.

    Thanks for stopping by…your particular brand of candor and “incite” were duly noted and appreciated.

  4. revelkc said


    Where’s your link on Maher if you want to throw him into the mix? I admit, we have one Real Time episode on DVR that I haven’t watched yet, so enlighten us, how exactly did Maher infer that Cheney should be assassinated? Because while I know Bill will say some provocative things, he’s also very intelligent and anything that could be construed as grounds to be sent to Gitmo would be avoided, I am sure. So what is it that you have decided was a veiled threat?

    You know, I have to be honest with you. I am always curious as to whether gay republicans really truly believe the “company line” of the conservative movement (which mainly denounces them or wants to “cure” them as if sexual orientation were a virus), or whether they just want to achieve the epitome of every homosexual, to stand out and be noticed. Because the vast majority of gays and lesbians poll as moderate to liberal, at least the polls I have seen. If you just want to “stand out”…well okay then. Your just another poser who when the crowds are no longer around them, truly should wonder if selling themselves out was truly worth it.

  5. Kat B said

    What about Pat Robertson’s call for the assassination of the president of Venezuela that went far beyond tasteless to the level of international incident. Should you as a conservative be called to answer for his comments? Individuals are responsible for their own actions and speech, and individuals can pick and choose what they want to write about.

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