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It’s The Magic That Is Me…

Posted by Daniel on Wednesday, March 7, 2007

12step.jpgHi.  My name is Daniel…and I’m a “reactionist”.

Group:  “Hiiii, Danielllll.”

I know that this 12-step program is supposed to teach me how not to get all testy and heated up during a discussion.  And I thought I was doing pretty good…but I fell off the wagon again.

Group:  “Awwwww!!!”

Tawannah (my sponsor):  “Oh, honey!!  What happened?  Here, have some coffee and a cookie.”  (she thinks all tears can be dried with a cookie…I worship her!!!)

Well, you know how I tend to get worked up when some talking-head starts spouting hateful things.  (nervously jiggling my knee up and down as I’m sitting in the very butt-numbing plastic chair)  Well, Ann Coulter…

Group:  “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!  Noooooooo!!!!” (three members jump out the window…four fall to the floor convulsing…Tawannah begins to cry and inhales the plate of cookies…)

Once again, our little 12-step group is scheduled for shock therapy.  Personally, I thought their reaction was a bit over the top.  And it took the paramedics 25 minutes to pry the now-empty cookie plate out of Tawanna’s death grip and get her off the floor and out of the fetal position.  I wonder if the hospital will allow her to receive a cookie basket in her room.

So, now that “ReactANON” has been disbanded by the psychiatric community – as well as the city board of health, it appears I’m on my own again.  Shit!!  And I thought I was making some good progress!!

It’s true…I do tend to react with vim and vigor when someone’s words ruffle my feathers.  I could easily blame it on my hot Italian temper.  But that’s not it.  Hypersensitivity?  Probably.  Easily put on the defensive?  Obviously.

I have a problem.  It’s not a pretty sight when I react like I do.  Just ask Steve (Revel).  He sees it happen pretty often.  I’m probably the reason he’s on medication for high blood pressure.  😉

Anyway, it’s true, Ann Coulter got under my skin yet again.  So I wrote several posts barking out my opinion of her opinions.  It was a trap for people like me that she loves to lay, and I fell right into it.

Don’t Drink It!!!And of course, my reactions in my posts garnered some very interesting comments and emails.  Mostly telling me what a big jerk I am and that I never see the whole story and take comments like hers completely out of context.  This, in turn, ruffles my feathers even more.  It isn’t as though I don’t understand or want to hear differing opinions and/or comments…it’s just that I’m not very good at making my actual point when I post.  My mind tends to wander this way and that while trying not to derail my train of thought.  This particular paragraph serves as proof of that.

When I get a comment or email (and there are many of the latter), and it is from someone who accuses me of being one-sided or narrow-minded, something inside me snaps and I lay into them.  It’s dumb and pointless, I know.  The end result being that rather than an intelligent debate occurring, I will instead haul out my soapbox and begin shouting.

Maybe I’m completely off the mark with regards to Ms. Coulter.  Perhaps she really is right about everything.  Maybe John Edwards really is a “faggot”.  It could very be that Hugo Chavez should be assassinated by the U.S.  Are the widows of 9/11 truly trying to profit from their husbands’ deaths?

You tell me…Is my falling of the reactionary wagon warranted (in this case) or do I need to call Tawanna up and have her start another 12-step workshop?

Go ahead and comment.  I promise not to overreact, damnit!!!


5 Responses to “It’s The Magic That Is Me…”

  1. Smiley said

    Yeah, maybe Edwards is gay? And I find it interesting that people are all over Sanchez for his antics. What about Edwards? Are not the same ‘progressive gay bloggers’ (the quote used on MSNBC) offended by the possibility of a gay Democratic candidate who is in the closet? Or do they say nothing because his ideologies fall into their own way of thinking? It’s so double-standard. I think Coulter is a cunt. I think Bush is an idiot. I’m completely against the Iraqi situation. But I’m 100% Republican. Not everything is black and white. 🙂

  2. Daniel said

    This is one of the reasons I so love you, J. 😉

  3. atari_age said

    I think what’s happening now is she finally stepped over one line too many. I don’t think many people cared WHO she called “faggot”.

    No one believes Edwards is gay any more than the other two guys she called gay over the past years (Bill Clinton, Al Gore). But that was the hook that got people’s attention. I mean, why not just call Queen Elizabeth a dyke? Everyone just goes “uh… wha???”. The meat of it, I think, was the saying of “faggot” as an insult and having a huge crowd cheer at the smear of queers.

    She got away with it when she did it with Gore and Clinton without an audience.

    But… with the audience, the reaction, the attempted (bizzarely chosen) smear of a person, the actual smear of all of us… it was just …over the line in some way I can’t fully peg. I mean, it doesn’t look like she’s getting support from most quarters, even on the Right.

    In a way, it’s pretty fascinating – just from a social sciences perspective – to see how this unfolds.

  4. Daniel said

    That’s EXACTLY the point I think I was TRYING to make in my original posts!! The actual USE of the word is what bothered me the most. Thank you for pointing that out. Do you see now how lousy I am at getting to the actual point because I tend to wander off in the rant? LMAO
    Thanks, Sweetheart, for helping me out with that. You and Josh are a blessing.

  5. revelkc said

    As if Coultergeist’s remarks are so open minded and see all sides of the issue! I call bullshit on people who say that getting steamed over her remarks (though unfortunately that IS her goal, so she her media-vampirism gets fed it’s blood) is “narrow-minded” or “one-sided”. There’s only so many times, being human, that one can react “open-mindedly” to a close minded person such as her.

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