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The Last Gay Man to Know…is Me

Posted by revelkc on Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I was going to write a post about General Peter-Pecker Pace, but as my adept better half has already adroitly assessed the incendiary remarks of the General, I am free to explore the other story I had on my mind. That story: Thomas Roberts, formerly an anchor on (the industry joke that is) CNN–specifically Headline News. He has (now) bravely discussed the abuse he suffered as a teenager, by a Catholic priest.

That abuse is truly horrifying and I do not trivialize it in the least. It is indicative of more than one problem with that “organized religion”. Nor can I ignore that CNN’s sensational splashing of it on their website, after “reassigning” Roberts in a “budgetary move” makes them look even more to me like the cable news “National Enquirer”. Maybe it was a deal they had with him, I don’t know. But since CNN is bleeding credibility every day, if he was cool with it, then so be it.

No, my astonishment came when I did a couple of quick searches, like’s article on Roberts which revealed to me that our Thomas is an out gay man! I am chagrined to find out I could be the last gay man to realize this. I am seriously not paying enough attention lately!!!

Acha magacha! You mean I have been drooling over family all this time? (Who next, Carl Parker on The Weather Channel?) I mean boy howdy and all that good stuff!!! Yes, I realize he is partnered, and yes, I realize I am too. And I have the handsomest hubby ever! Yes indeedy I do! (But I mean seriously, have you seen Thomas Roberts?…WOW YUM!!!)


Now we can all draw our own conclusions about his coming out and his “reassignment”, just as we make assumptions about that other high profile CNN hottie, who’s name I will protect, instead referring to him as Cooper Anderson. All I can say is, “Mister A” should read the article on in which Roberts says, “Hopefully, everyone, gay or straight, journalists or doctors or otherwise, can overcome that obstacle, (coming out) because it stands in the way of you being the best you can be, with your job, with your family, with everything, and not have to be afraid anymore.”

Then we could have our own Gay News Network! We could get Thomas, Mr A, Rachel Maddow….Hey, George Soros…are you listening???


4 Responses to “The Last Gay Man to Know…is Me”

  1. Daniel said

    While I share Revel’s observations on the obvious hottnes that IS Thomas Roberts, and He-who-must-not-be-named (awww, screw it…his first name is my last name..ANDERSON!!!), I must admit I haven’t really paid a whole lot of attention to this story either.
    I, too, share in the happiness that Roberts has found his inner peace at long last. It’s hard enough for us mere mortals to come to terms with who and what we are, not to mention to one’s family. I can only guess how difficult it must be for those celebrities who do it.
    As for the fact that he is eye-candy…eh…okay…I’ll give you that.

  2. Joshua said

    He came out after the TRIAL! And it was a CAREER MOVE not to discuss it on the show the other NIGHT. I don’t know if you know that my Brother was one of Toohey’s victims. There were 8 who came forward. My brother was the only one who was out during the trial (even though they all knew each othere were gay – but you did not hear that from me). My brother’s character was assassinated and his credibility was destroyed; to the point where he was emotionally devastated. So I can’t applaud Roberts or Goles for their story. I feel that they missed a crucial point. Which is the incredible isolation gay victims of abuse feel. For to come forward often, also means coming out of the closet. It also means losing credibility as people think you wanted it since you were gay. If my brother were alive, I’m sure he’d be writing a rant about it right now 🙂

  3. Joshua said

    BTW, I live 3 blocks from Father Toohey. He lives with his Mommy. I have to run into him whenever I go to the grocery store or get gas or go to the library, or sit at a stop light. The rage, within me, is overwhelming. I realize my viewpoint and tone is very angry. But all of this is extremely personal to me. Although I’m grateful my bro lived to see him convicted, and died before he was prematurely released 🙂

  4. RevelKC said

    I can see why you feel that way, I would be furious. While Roberts didn’t come out til later, an he admits he did not come forward out of fear of that character assassination and loss of credibility, he does speak to the isolation When he talks about his suicide attempt during the whole horrible business. I do think he understands the isolation.

    Truly sorry for the loss of your brother and for his ordeal.

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