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Weakend For The Weekend

Posted by Daniel on Friday, March 30, 2007

I know this one will probably come off looking like one of those ‘poor me’ or ‘woe is me’ types of posts…but really that isn’t my intension.

Earlier this week, I went in for what is now the fourth CT and MRI scan on my head. The results were, in a manner of speaking, “cup is half-(fill in the blank)”.

“The good news, Daniel, is that what we’re dealing with is not a tumor…but…”

That, I think, was the “glass is half-full” part.

“…what we’re seeing appears to be an intracranial hematoma (sp). It’s an old wound based on our previous discussions and because of it’s size, structure and location, we don’t feel it’s either safe nor necessary (at this time) to operate. Your symptoms can be treated with the proper medications. We’ll see you in another 3 months for the next scans, but it’s doubtful the results will show anything different. Bottom line is that there really is nothing to be overly worried about. Just keep us apprised of any worsening of those symptoms.”

Aaaaand there’s the half-empty part.

So, new prescriptions in hand, I left the medical building feeling happy to know that there was no tumor. And yet a wee bit of anxiety couldn’t help but creep over me knowing there was still something in my head that didn’t belong there…I mean aside from those wicked thoughts about Justin Timberlake.

As an added measure, I was told to begin this new prescripto-treatment starting this weekend. Nothing strenuous for the first several days (sorry Justin) in case I am made loopy and so that they can adjust the dosages as needed. I started this new ass load of medications this morning, and I already feel like crap. (as they said I might)

Happy Friday, Daniel.

I suppose at this point I should be happy in a way. I mean, it does explain the crushing migraines, blackouts, nausea and general feeling of being constantly pooped out.

Funny…all this time I was just chalking it up to “man-a-pause”.

As I said earlier, this entry wasn’t meant to be a pity-party-post…I just wanted to bitch about what a “fun” weekend I’m not going to have.

Or is that all in my head?


2 Responses to “Weakend For The Weekend”

  1. atari_age said

    Well, I am happy it’s not the worst thing. Is it felt that you’ll adjust to the meds in a few days and feel a bit better?

    I hope you improve – or continue to improve. Be well.

  2. Scott said

    Hey D, we should know by now that when there is good news there is a butt. I’m glad it isn’t a tumor and that it is being watched. We are here if you need anything!

    But, how is “nothing strenuous for the first several days in case I am made loopy” different from your normal day?

    Love ya!

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