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Caution: Gay Construction Ahead – Part 9 – And We Didn’t Use Glitter

Posted by Daniel on Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Break out the champagne. Release the doves. Strike up the band and alert the press.

The first floor project is now, at long last, complete. Great Room, Dining Room and Foyer have all been given the face-lift, tummy tuck, chemical peels and botox treatments they’ve long deserved. We even threw in a complimentary fake tanning session for the Great Room and the effect is dazzling…and no streaks.

For the record, it must be said up front that Steve did most of the work (about 80% of it) while I filled the role as Martha Stewarts’ retarded brother, in that I picked out every color, texture and accent piece. No wait, Steve did find and pick the furniture for the foyer.

There are still a few minor details to finish up, such as the new room-dividing thresholds (that will be put down this week), wood polishing and some other odds & ends, but for the most part…it’s all finished up.

I could go into all the gory details of this 3-month project, which would include all the times I made Steve want to kill me, but I’d rather just get right to it and show you the results of the ‘labors of the fruits’. Besides, I’ll just let Steve fill you all in on the “almost killing me” part, since he’ll probably remember it all better than I will anyway. 😉

So without further ado, I give you the First Floor Project…









Foyer (finished)




3 Responses to “Caution: Gay Construction Ahead – Part 9 – And We Didn’t Use Glitter”

  1. revelkc said

    Wow, it looks even better on TV…LOL…Yes, I WANTED to kill him a few times, but I could not deprive the world of the creative blitzkrieg that is my husband. And in the end, it was all worth it. (Down to that last decoration idea in the dining room, RIGHT HONEY???…:-))

  2. Margie said

    Wow, that looks great, and to think you did it in just a few months. I am impressed! I hate to admit it but it took us over a year just to do one bathroom.
    I may have to pop over sometime and steal…oops..I mean look at your decorating ideas.

  3. Mom said

    Hi, I finally got to see the pictures of your house. I think it looks great. Can’t wait to see it all in person NEXT MONTH, love you MOM

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