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No More Moles – This Mo Needs To Mow

Posted by Daniel on Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It’s been a looooong winter, Puppets. And like you, I am so ready for some warmer weather.

I’ve been itching to get outside to work in the yard for weeks now and at one point thought I was going to be able to do just that. We’d dragged Audrey II (our overbearing Bird of Paradise in the 400 lb. pot…thanks again, Pam!!) outside, as well as turned off the heater in the greenhouse because the weather was perfect.

That was two weeks ago. Then, as happens every year about that time, winter swoops back in for a last gasp. We had another 3″ snowfall over the weekend – which melted almost immediately – and it looks like spring will finally have it’s start.

Unfortunately, Audrey II didn’t make it. We couldn’t get her back into the protection of the garage…alas, she was too heavy to move. Fortunately, her progeny are doing well in the greenhouse. Funeral services were a moot point, as she was already buried in her 400 lb. coffin. We’ll miss you Audrey… 😦

Although we lost our precious behemoth, life goes on here, and new plantings will replace those that couldn’t withstand winters’ icy breath.

I am now ready to venture outside to tackle the enormous task of beautifying the yards and deck. Problem is, while any other year, I can purdify the grounds at a leisurely pace…this year I’m kinda on a bit of a deadline. Family coming to visit (first time any of them have ever been to Missouri) mid-May, so I’ve only got one month to get everything whipped into shape.

My task may have been made a bit easier this yeas, as we finally threw in the towel on that whole “We can kill the wretched moles ourselves” thing. What a waste of time, money and chemicals. So we called the professionals in to spray and also set poison “worms” in all the holes. Then it rained. This shit had better work or else we just wasted $300 and will deprive our neighbors the delight of watching the moles move into their yards (from whence they originally came). Seriously, those moles had done so much damage to the yard(s) it’s going to be quite a feat getting them back into shape before May 15.

Now I really need to mow, pick up all the fallen twigs and branches from our neighbors’ tress that somehow only fall in our yard (thanks, Rick & Mary), start planting this years’ pretty’s (which we still need to get), and so on.

I also need to put together the new bar-b-que we bought about a month ago that is still in it’s enormous box. It’s been sitting in the garage and has served (the sealed box, that is) as a nice table on which to lay all the crap we painted for the indoor redecorating project. I did, however, manage to put together the new fountain in record time. That will go outside on the ground near the deck and in front of the greenhouse.

So much to do…so little time. And even though Steve says not to panic or rush things, I so want everything to be perfect (or as close to it as possible) for when they get up here. It’s just the way I’m wired. Not to say that’s a bad thing. I have been accused of being “…such a stereotypical queen…” when it comes to ‘presentation’, but I think more of it in terms of first impression. I don’t want it all to look pretentious…just nice.

What’s wrong with that???

Besides, it’s almost that time of year again. The time when the “helicopters” (or “whirlybirds” as Steve calls them) begin to rain down, covering everything in sight. For more on that, read here. Let’s just put it this way…Maple Seeds + Steve + Leaf Blower = Hilarity.

Anyway…Happy Spring, everyone!!!


One Response to “No More Moles – This Mo Needs To Mow”

  1. RevelKC said

    I think the cold snap may have diminished the maple seed supply–I am seeing green ones rotting on the ground already.

    Either way..I am ready for them…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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