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Urban Legend – With A Twist

Posted by Daniel on Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Steve is SO the white unicorn on this video.
(sing along…you know the words…)

Oh when you’re down and looking for some cheering up

Then just head right on up to the Candy Mountain Cave

When you get inside you’ll find yourself a cheery land

Such a happy and joy-filled and perky merry land

They’ve got lollypops and gummy drops and candy things

Oh so many things that will brighten up your day

It’s impossible to wear a frown in Candy Town

It’s the Mecca of love that candy cave.

They’ve got jelly beans and coconuts with little hats

Candy rats, chocolate bats – it’s a wonderland of sweets

Ride the candy train to town and hear the candy band

Candy bells, it’s a treat as they march across the land.

Cherry ribbons stream across the sky into the ground

Turn around, it ASTOUNDS, it’s a dancing candy tree

In the Candy Cave imagination runs so free

So now Charlie please will you go into the cave?


Okay, I wasn’t actually so much interested in the urban myth part of this…I mean, c’mon…who really believes in that crap anyway, right?

No, it’s more a chance to show yet another very pant-wettingly-funny video. And remember what the magical liopleurodon says to the non-believers…

The Magical Liopleurodon



One Response to “Urban Legend – With A Twist”

  1. atari_age said

    That is one pretty fucked up video. Better than some of the stuff on Adult Swim, though!

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