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Look Mom…I’m On Stage!!

Posted by Daniel on Friday, April 27, 2007

Losers all…Last night’s Democratic Presidential Primary Debate was anything but.

It was one of those times when you feel there is just no good candidate out there in the Democratic field.  And this is one of the reasons so many people are disillusioned with our party.

Disclaimer:  I understand that this is just the first of what will probably be many Democratic debates before the Primaries, however this would have been the golden opportunity for the field to whittle out the kooks and the weak.  Unfortunately, they all appeared kooky and weak.  I also understand that each candidate had but only one minute to answer each question, but this format leaves only more questions unanswered.

Pandering.  Panic.  Talking points.  That’s all we got last night.  More bumper sticker slogans.

I think the only real stand-out last night was former senator Gravel (AK), who reminded me of a more feisty – and alive – version of Ross Perot’s running-mate in the 1992 debates…Retired Vice Admiral James Stockdale.  While Stockdale occasionally forgot where he was, literally, Gravel most certainly knew where he was…I just think he forgot when he was.  

Back to the seriousness…

In the interest of brevity, I’ll give you the one shining moment…one golden opportunity where I think the Democrats, as a whole, have once again lost their nerve and decided to play it safe:

There was one point where I thought that Sen. Clinton was too cautious when she was asked about Rudy Giuliani’s comments that the country wouldn’t be safe under Democrats.  That would have been a great opportunity for her to show outrage and anger over the use of the tactics that were used by the Republicans in 2004, and she didn’t do that. I think that would have been a good moment.  Right then and there, Hillary should have chewed Giuliani – and by extension, the GOP as a hole (not a typo) – a new ass.  She should then have shown the utter outrage over the scare tactics used by Giuliani as his failed attempt to bark with the big dogs.  Instead, as is so many times the case when pandering and not wanting to speak truth, she peed like a puppy.

Moreover, where was any of the candidates on that Giuliani gaff???  You’re f—ing Democrats and none of you spoke up about it…not even after the debate when you had the mics all to yourselves!!

Again, I realize it is still early in the campaign, but if this is the road the Democratic contenders are going to continue to take, especially through 2008, count me out of voting Democrat.

Unless Hillary decides to grow a pair and actually speak up and speak out.

Now if I could only find my magic lamp…


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