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Bush vs Dems…Why Neither Can Back Down Now

Posted by Daniel on Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Amid all the media spin and armchair political quarterbacking, I believe there will be no winners in the current game of ‘chicken’ being played between Bush and the Democratic-led Congress.  There can only be losers, and I think both sides know this.  So the question for them as each day passes is, “How can I make the other guy lose first?”

I make no claim as being a political genius, but it really doesn’t take one to see where all of this budget/Iraq push and shove is leading.

First, there is every indication (even to this immoral, unpatriotic, anti-American, liberal, elite, commie pinko) that Bush and his administration know they can’t win in Iraq.  They can try to cover it in the guise of a “surge” or “progress” or whatever they want.  The truth of the matter is that they are, at this point, simply doing their level best to prolong the inevitable.  Iraq will collapse into utter chaos and everyone know this.  Civil war is what they have now…but it will all spiral into a country-wide bloodbath.  Period.

Bush and his team simply want to keep America in the fray long enough for them to be out of office before the “batḵẖā” hits the proverbial bābīzān.  Simply stated, Bush doesn’t give a shit which party runs congress or the White House after 2008…either way, Iraq will be their problem and their mess to clean up.  The current administration knows that regardless of who is President after 2008, that person – due to the overwhelmingly unanimous outcry from Americans – will end our occupation in Iraq, pull our troops out and the blood of that action will be on the hands of that President and that Congress.  Meanwhile, Bush will be writing his memoirs inside a padded cell in the Hague…if there’s really is the God he so firmly believes in.

As for the Democrats…I am once again hanging my head in shame over their lack of intestinal, not to mention Political, fortitude. 

They can’t win because (again, in my humble opinion) if they actually did utilize their power of the proverbial purse strings, the blood would be on their hands.  Meaning, they could (and should) keep sending the same bill complete with pull-out timelines to the Presidents’ desk.  Eventually, we could no longer afford to keep the troops in Iraq.  We’d have to bring the troops home.  This, in turn, would put the onus of standing up for themselves squarely on the shoulders of the Iraqi government.  Naturally, that governing body will, in all likelihood, collapse under the weight of such a burden.  Again, it would become a bloodbath for power.

Either way, though, the end result is going to be the same.  And there is nothing anyone can do – at least presently – to stop the juggernaut that is the rising insurgency.  

Bush, like a geographical rapist, will never pull out.  He couldn’t now even if he wanted to.  He prays daily for something good to happen so that his presidential library has at least one wing – or drawer – with “SUCCESS” written on it.  At the rate things are going, though, he should just hang that “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” banner over the barn in Crawford, Texas.  Let the birds of his paradise bomb the shit out of that as John Ashcroft’s voice sings out “Let the eagles fly…”

The Democrats are so afraid that they will be known for not supporting the troops, they are willing to cave into making concessions because they can’t overturn a veto.  I say, again, keep sending the same bill to the White House.  Otherwise, you’re going to be vetoed into giving Bush exactly what he’s been so used to getting…a blank check.  All for the sake of the troops.  And you know that’s bullshit.  How many lives is your re-election truly worth??  Bring the troops home by not paying Bush to keep them there!!  

There will be war in Iraq.  It was bound to happen sooner or later.  Eventually, either Saddam Hussein would have died, which would have then led to a war created by the vacuum…OR…there could have been a coup.  Either way, war would have been the end result.  For better or worse.

But how many American and civilian lives could we have spared by letting that scenario take it’s natural course?

It doesn’t matter now because Bush has made that issue a red herring.

So why are the two parties really making this war a game of chicken?


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