The Tempest

Not Exactly Shooting For \”Miss Congeniality\”

About Us

The Tempest is a compilation of subjects that we find interesting.

Your hosts are:

Daniel (Tempest) & Kat / Back: Ray, Scott & Steve (Revel)

Front and Center: Daniel (Tempest) & Kat
Pulling up the rear: Ray, Scott (who was obviously blinded by the light), & Steve (Revel)

Steve (Revel) and Daniel (The Tempest):

Steve & Daniel

Kathy (Kat):


Ray and Scott:

Ray & Scott

Together, we cover subjects like Politics, Satire, GLBT, Free-Thinking, Australia (The Tempest’s passion), Stuff that pleases us, Stuff that REALLY pisses us off, News, etc. Check out our “Categories” section on the left side of the page to get some ideas of where our heads tend to go.

*Please Note: You will notice a lack of, shall we say, nekkid stuff on this site. While it’s true many are only too happy to show you the “eye candy”, we like to keep this one more on the “wordy” side. We’re just funny that way. We do, however, try to make your visit an interesting and amusing one.

Thanks, so much, for stopping by.


Daniel – Steve – Kathy – Ray – Scott

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